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Folded Clothes


We take our pride in the services we deliver to all our customers. With our expert team and professional management skills, we guarantee you 100% of satisfactions for all services we provide to you.  You leave it, we Clean it!    


Our expert team will always clean your clothes with care and great attention to details. Your garments will be perfectly hand finished, whether it's suit, dress, down coats or even a ski-wear.

We are also professionally clean other house hold items such as, mattress toppers, sofa covers and many more.  

Our team can offer other special services, such as stain removal, bobble removal. 


We offer a comprehensive shirt service whether wash and Ironing, dry cleaning or slight repairs or alterations. We can starch shirts slightly if required by our customers. 

shirts delivered always on hangers. 


We can offer so much repairs and alterations solutions that suit our customers requirements.


Our expert tailor can do wonders with your garments, whether its small trousers, suit, jacket, coat repairs or wedding dresses alterations.



We understand how busy our customers are, so we are here to wash, dry and fold all garments. Our team know how to give clothes and other garments a complete clean. 

After a relaxing holiday, and before you get back into your routine, just drop your garments and we will do the rest for you. 




We carefully wash, dry and fold you duvet, linen, bed sheet or table clothes. We use quality cleaning detergents with excellent cleaning results without compromising your items lifespan.

We clean both down and synthetic duvet. 


We have various delicate cleaning programs dedicated for curtains and other delicate fabrics. The whole process designed to ensure best cleaning possible with less washing stress on the garments, and the result is always.. spot on! 

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